Portfolio management

The central challenge of portfolio management is to implement the strategic objectives derived from the Group’s guidelines in the best possible way. The main task here is to focus investments on those projects and plans that are geared towards making the greatest value contribution to the company.
The strategy-compliant distribution of (usually capped) budgets is just as important as establishing the right instruments and processes for creating and managing the project portfolio in order to do justice to the high complexity of the organization and management aspects.

Why TMG Consultants?


The following processes in an organization must be taken into account and optimized when managing the portfolio. TMG Consultants take a holistic view of company structures and thus offer efficient implementation in all areas of the company.

| Portfolio management
| Program management
| Risk management
| Strategic initiatives
| Resource management
| Capacity management
| Controlling & Monitoring

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At TMG Consultants, we rely on best practice methods and models for the evaluation and prioritization of projects and project portfolio scenarios for every portfolio decision. In this way, we create a sound basis for all further steps.
We build on this to optimize the planning, decision-making and management processes for the portfolio and the programs it contains.

In our experience, there are three dimensions to consider when prioritizing and managing programs/projects:

– Structural dimension
– Strategic and tactical dimension
– Content dimension

Structures and transparency


As in a project, the development and implementation of structures and a lean but properly staffed organization is one of the key factors for success. A consistent structure and strong integration of the program organization with the portfolio organization ensures uniform standards and lean implementation. Standardized methods and procedures are the basis for this, along with suitable tools.

The organization is only as strong in action and decision-making as the resources acting within it. The main focus here is on resource management. It is responsible for whether the project portfolio has a strong “standing” and is therefore a success, or whether it is more of a “stepmotherly” existence.

Structures and transparency


Optimization and sustainable anchoring of governance structures serves to standardize the project portfolio process and helps to derive the target image as well as to carry out regular (permanent) management of the portfolio with the same criteria and to retroactively analyze deviations and optimize the portfolio going forward. Risk management is assigned a central role in order to identify future deviations at an early stage and minimize their impact as far as possible.

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Service Implementation Management

Additional services

Taskforce Management

Complex issues in usually tight timeframes with a team that operates outside the regular organisation and is equipped with the corresponding decision-making powers – the ultimate form of project management. We specialise in solving these tasks in a structured and methodical way where others have already vacated the field.

Supplier Management

The success criteria of resilience in the case of global supply chains such as cost efficiency, quality and security of supply can only be achieved with appropriately qualified suppliers as partners in the value chain. Successful cooperation with suppliers is manifested by anchoring supplier management in the corporate strategy and supported by structured follow-up at operational level.

Project Management

Whether classic, agile or hybrid, individual projects or programs – we understand the necessary methods, processes and structures to help your project management initiatives achieve excellence.

Leveraging potential

leverage potential and thereby achieve an increase in earnings or an increase in value added. In our view, it is essential to regularly identify existing potential in the company and increase the value contribution for the company.


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