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We are always looking for highly qualified consultants.
Together, we will design your future position individually in line with your qualifications and motivation.
Do you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree? Do you have initial experience as a consultant and perhaps also a background in production?
Are you ready to become part of our success story?

Then you’ve come to the right place!
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TMG 9 CAREER 9 Career as a Consultant

The consultant job of a lifetime

Exciting Prospects for Your Career!

As a consultant at TMG Consultants you will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects and develop innovative solutions for our clients. You will advise renowned companies and support them on their path to success.

With us, you can expect a varied job because no two days are the same. Every project brings new challenges and exciting tasks that demand your skills and expertise. Boredom is not an option at TMG Consultants!

If you are ready to take on the consultant job at TMG Consultants and take your career to the next level, then don’t hesitate any longer. Apply now and become part of our dynamic and ambitious team. Together we can achieve great things!



We deliberately look for male or female consultants in our job advertisements.
Based on your CV and the interviews with you, we discuss the Competence Centre in which we believe you would fit in.
Your career starts with us just as individually as you are.
We don’t want to put anyone into a predetermined pattern, but rather define your path with you.
We determine the career level at which you will start at TMG based on various criteria and discuss these together.

Competence Center


Welcome to the Competence Centres of TMG Consultants! We have expertise in six areas: Operations, Digitalisation/Innovation/Processes (DIP), Logistics/SCM, Project Management and Supplier Management (PM/LFM), Purchasing and Factory Planning.


By way of our know-how in the field of digitalisation/innovation/processes (DIP), we help improve business processes and bring a breath of fresh air into the corporate world.

By way of our business model innovation, we support our clients in optimising their business strategy. We develop innovative product ideas that set them apart from the competition. Thanks to our market entry strategies, we open up new opportunities in different markets. Together, we walk the path of transformation and help companies position themselves for the future.

In addition, we optimise business processes and ensure smooth operations. Our experts in business process management design efficient processes and organise the structure according to the company’s goals. Thanks to our control model and KPIs, we keep track of performance at all times. By way of our Transformation Office, we support our clients in successful implementation.

Our targeted digitalisation strategies enable our clients to position themselves as digital pioneers. Our Digital Operation Model gives their IT strategies the necessary momentum. We manage IT projects and accompany them on the path to digital transformation. We manage IT projects and accompany them on the path to digital transformation. Our efficiency hub is the place where innovative digital ideas are born.

Operations (Production)

Our operations specialists support companies in optimising their processes and making them more efficient.

Our expertise lies in strategy development, portfolio optimisation, core competencies, make-or-buy decisions, network design, organisational structures and sustainable operations. By way of our customised strategies, we help our clients get to the top, optimise resources and focus on their core competencies while we do the rest.

In addition, we are creative experts in turning our clients’ design needs into reality. From industrialisation to production and value stream design, from optimising plant organisation and processes to lean operations and smart manufacturing – we take companies to the next level. We carefully think through and implement every detail to achieve the best possible results.

As the pinnacle of our capabilities, we take care of business process efficiency. We are experts in rightsizing and restructuring, and we work to reduce costs and improve performance. We ensure that companies achieve their goals by way of optimisation of inventory and an effective ramp-up strategy.

Project management and supplier management

In project management , we are dedicated supporters who guide companies on the path to success and help them achieve their goals.

Our team has extensive expertise in task force management. We offer clients our support in setting up and guiding task forces to ensure they work efficiently and successfully achieve their goals.

By way of our PM @ TMG service, we provide clients with comprehensive support for their projects. Our PMO support keeps things running smoothly and assists with project implementation, relocations and output increases. By way of our programme and portfolio management, we bring structure and success to client projects. Furthermore, we offer PM excellence and process management initiatives to take client projects to a higher level.

In the field of supplier management, we stand by clients to ensure the security of their supply chains. We conduct comprehensive supplier risk assessments and provide near-shoring and 2nd source solutions. Our operational supplier management supports clients in selecting and working with the best suppliers. We also support customers in supplier development in the context of digitalisation and offer modern and digital approaches to procurement.

Our methods and technologies in project management and supplier management set high standards. By way of Value Stream Mapping, we optimise the flow of client projects and identify bottlenecks. Our iterative control loop methodology ensures that client projects are continually improved. Furthermore, we offer a checklist of success factors to ensure that clients keep all important aspects in mind and can successfully implement their projects.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics/SCM is a focus of our expertise – we strive to ensure a smooth flow of goods and perfectly orchestrated supply chains.

We specialise in supply chain design and management and have extensive expertise. From strategy development and network design to organisation, governance, system implementation and process optimisation – we offer a wide range of tools to improve our clients’ supply chains.

But that’s not all! Our expertise in supply chain performance and management allows us to take our clients’ performance to a new level. We implement performance and management systems to reduce inventory while optimising efficiency and service levels.

We are also experts in intralogistics. We plan and realise logistics centres, develop integrated production and logistics concepts and optimise intralogistics processes. Thanks to our proven strategies and solutions, customers can design their logistics smoothly and efficiently.

And last but not least: Innovation in the supply chain. We develop strategies and road maps, evaluate and assess technologies and support customers in performing and implementing pilot projects. We are always one step ahead and set the trends in the supply chain.


Factory Planning

We place great emphasis on strong supplier relationships and work to develop efficient factory structures that give companies a competitive edge.

Our portfolio includes various customised solutions from TMG that are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. We start with a thorough site analysis to find the ideal factory site. With our layout planning, we ensure that the production area is used optimally. Our building planning ensures that the factory has suitable infrastructure. During the implementation process, we accompany our customers step by step and ensure that the factory is built according to their ideas.

But that’s not all! We are also experienced experts in the smooth start of production. Our extensive experience and expertise facilitate a successful production start. We optimise processes, train staff and ensure that all processes involved run smoothly.

Our employees are worth it to us


As a member of our team, you will work on interesting projects, develop innovative solutions and
collaborate with renowned companies.
But that’s not all!
You can also benefit from advantages such as a mobility budget, flexible holidays and state-of-the-art technology.

We value our employees.
That’s why TMG Consultants attaches great importance to offering our consultants first-class benefits.
We value the commitment of our employees as they are the backbone of our success.

40 days holiday

We respect your private life and therefore give you 40 days holiday.

Mobility budget

We keep you mobile. Choose from a wide range of options: Company car, job bicycle, BahnCard and much more.

Further training

For us, further training is an important building block for innovative ideas, drive and progress. That’s why there are no limits to what you can do.

Best technology

You think that should be standard? We do too, which is why we provide you with everything you need in top quality.

simply the best – bonus

You can never have enough specialists. Do you know someone who knows someone who is a perfect match for TMG? Perfect – then 3 of you will benefit at the same time. You receive a bonus for bringing us the best of the best.

No change of residence

Work where you want, but be part of us – “Teaming” – we currently have offices in STR and DUS

You’re not yourself when you’re hungry

We have a whole cupboard full of snacks, drinks and coffee for free.
No one has to go through their day hungry or thirsty with us

Corporate events

We like to work together, we like to celebrate together even better – summer party, Christmas party and much more.


Out of the usual 4 walls, into spectacular locations. This is where the best ideas come from and where we work out great concepts with the entire company.

Sponsor model

AT TMG Consultants, no one is alone. You will receive a mentor from us who will stand by your side and tackle things with you.

You can look forward to this

Application Process

Step 1


Have you found the right job?
Complete the application form or send us your CV by e-mail and we’ll take it to the next level.

Step 2

Get to know us

The next step is a straightforward telephone interview. This is followed by a video call in which we tell you about ourselves and you tell us about yourself. This is followed by a video call in which we tell you about ourselves and you tell us about yourself.

Step 3

Signing a Contract

After the initial conversations, we are sure that we are right for each other. We will send you your contract and look forward to your start at TMG.

Step 4

A very warm
welcome to TMG Consultants

Your start at TMG will be set in train with detailed onboarding. You will get to know the structures and TMG and the entire team at a first lunch together.

Your question is still unanswered?

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