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Successfully shaping change with companies in the manufacturing industry, has been our common challenge with our clients for more than 30 years.
The TMG consultants are able to understand complex interrelationships thanks to their expertise and enormous industry knowledge.
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One of the most important industries


The automotive industry is driven to structural change by technological, environmental and social mega trends. Topics such as reducing CO2 emissions, conversion to e-mobility, autonomous driving, new mobility concepts, networked vehicles, Industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing are aspects of the automotive sector more than ever before. These innovations are probably the biggest upheaval in the history of the automotive industry and require know-how and support.


The automotive sector is made up of motor vehicle manufacturers, suppliers of motor vehicle parts and accessories, and manufacturers of trailers and bodies. The sector has been evolving for years and is no longer just about manufacturing vehicles for the masses. New business models such as connectivity, e-mobility and autonomous driving are now an integral part of this industry.


The effects of megatrends on products and processes in the automotive industry are manifold: Particularly noteworthy here is the multitude of new drive variants, such as electric motors, as well as the massive increase in innovative vehicle concepts for a wide range of mobility tasks. As a consequence of these developments, there are numerous new, attractive business prospects for companies in the automotive industry.


TMG Consultants GmbH, as one of the leading consultancies in the automotive industry, knows that it is our duty to comprehensively follow and analyse global trend developments. Based on this, we are able to derive and implement the individual measures that allow our clients to draw sustainable benefit from changes in the industry. We look at trends that affect the vehicle as well as its manufacturing processes and see rapid progress here.

This can be seen in specific terms, for example, in the current trend topic of additive manufacturing. Here it can already be observed that the first vehicle manufacturers have already switched to producing not only spare parts with the 3D printer, but also small series.

The TMG consultants, with its wealth of experience in the automotive industry, knows how you can secure a lucrative share in this promising field of business and will not only show you the right way, we will accompany you along the way.

Produktionsstraße in der Automotive-Branche

A customised industry

Plant engineering

Companies in the plant engineering sector face an increasing number of challenges. Relying solely on quality, time and price as success factors will no longer be sufficient in the future. Additional assets are needed to remain successful and ward off the competition. Increasingly, these include HSE expertise, a professional plant service, in some cases also plant operation, dealing with export credit insurance and the qualified guarantee of “Local content” requirements.


The special thing about plant engineering is that the service share for the client is very high. This is mainly due to the fact that an order in plant engineering is, at all times, accompanied by a high degree of client individuality and specifications. Every plant is different and must be planned and realised in close cooperation with the client. A long-term approach is also an important factor in plant engineering to remain competitive in the modern world, where more and more companies are migrating to emerging markets.


To cope with the numerous additional challenges, appropriate structures and processes are needed. Along the entire EPC value chain, processes need to be designed in such a way that an overall optimum is achieved from construction to supply chains to transport and the construction site. Optimising just individual areas is not enough. Often, such an isolated approach jeopardises the overall success.


By way of a holistic approach, a pragmatic approach and proven methods, TMG Consultants have often been able to successfully advise and support companies in the plant engineering sector in realignments and comparably demanding change projects. One of our most important tasks is to create the necessary transparency and to develop solutions that are accepted by all parties, can be implemented and are effective in the long-term. What also distinguishes us: We implement the solutions with the client as a team.

What TMG Consultants support you with

TMG Consultants see the focus of their service offering in transferring the requirements from the entire value chain – from installation and handling on the construction site to transport, production and purchasing – to an optimal “Design for Operational Excellence.” Managing global engineering, procurement/production and construction teams (EPC) and ensuring an optimal international division of labour and cooperation (organisation, processes, IT).
This also includes global sourcing and supplier development in low-wage countries.


One of the most innovative industries


Whether in the form of wind, water or solar power- renewable energies are shaping our future. Energy companies, plant manufacturers and their suppliers will also need to face this change. . At the same time, conventional technologies must be further developed. After all: Conventional energy sources will continue to find their markets abroad despite the dismantling of state guarantees.

The Energy Industry is an Important Sector

The energy sector is fundamentally concerned with electricity, fuels and the generation of energy from fossil and regenerative energy sources. A component of the energy sector is the corresponding equipment to generate the energy. Due to the technical possibilities of regenerative energy production, the sector is expanding many times over.
The environment and sustainability are playing an increasingly important role in the generation of energy.


The pioneers of renewable energy face a major challenge. The quality of their products must improve in the face of constantly changing local market conditions, and at the same time prices per megawatt must be reduced. This can only succeed if processes are optimised and services are rendered even more professional.

TMG Consultants GmbH, as one of the leading consulting companies for the manufacturing industry, has a wealth of experience in the energy sector. The consultants of TMG Consultants GmbH combine the necessary industry experience and professional know-how to effectively and sustainably support energy companies, plant manufacturers and their suppliers in their challenges. The challenges include the conception as well as the design and construction of new factories as well as the design of logistics and the supply chain, project management of complex projects or offshore wind farms just in time.

TMG Consultants GMBH and Conventional Power Plants

In absolute figures, energy from conventional power plants continues to increase worldwide at a much higher rate than renewable energy generation. TMG Consultants GmbH supports well-known manufacturers and suppliers of conventional power plants, in particular in questions of international site design, networked engineering, improvements in the efficiency of the supply chain and the implementation of modern project management and execution processes.

More than transport and storage


The logistics industry is facing a profound transformation and at the same time must master current challenges. These challenges must be embraced and changes translated into sustainable benefits. This includes the strategic to the operational level – from the first analysis to the realisation.


The logistics sector is the largest economic sector after the automotive industry and trade. The logistics sector is much more than just the transport or storage of goods.Rather, logistics is a strategic system performance consisting of several carefully coordinated processes. These processes are linked together like links in a chain and form a complex service.


The profound transformation in the logistics industry is reflected in the consolidation of the market, the required decarbonisation and the advancing digitalisation. The current challenges must be mastered: Skills shortages, in particular among drivers, ongoing uncertainty and volatility, and omnipresent cost pressures. For the future, it will be crucial to see these changes as an opportunity and use the change to the advantage of one’s own company.


TMG Consultants advise and support logistics companies in the process-related and organisational design of structures, optimise transport networks and existing warehouse locations, support the implementation of digital solutions and plan and realise new logistics centres. We focus on close cooperation with the customers to develop individual solutions that lead to sustainable optimisation and transformation. The top priority is to derive sustainable benefits from the change.

An industry in transition

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the showcase industries of the German economy. With export quotas of constantly over 75% in recent years, this very medium-sized industry has always been forced to anticipate the developments and challenges of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in a global context. Developing timely answers and strategies to remain successful and competitive is part of the daily practice of mechanical engineering companies.


In a globalised world with an ever-increasing division of labour and fast pace of life, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reliably foresee future trends. The process of trend analysis is, therefore, becoming increasingly complex and important. This is accompanied by growing uncertainty in assessing the impact on one’s own business.

If a company does not recognise the relevance of future developments in the mechanical engineering industry and on the market in time or draws the wrong conclusions from them, its own competitive position is inevitably weakened and its existence permanently endangered. Due to advancing digitalisation and a highly dynamic environment of new competitors and innovations in business models, purely machine-oriented, technological differentiation is no longer sufficient.

The complexity and number of issues and challenges facing machine manufacturers are now almost unmanageable. If one’s own management and technical knowledge are no longer sufficient, then the addition of external competence and advice is now essential in mechanical engineering.

WHY Should a Company Call in a CONSULTING COMPANY?

TMG Consultants not only focus unwaveringly on the global trends facing mechanical engineering companies. TMG goes one step further and uses this information to develop customised solutions for the relevant issues of tomorrow – adapted in line with the individual company situation. By way of this holistic consulting approach, the TMG consultants, with their high level of mechanical engineering expertise, ensure that the consultants identify all essential fields of action. This serves as a basis for targeted prioritisation and for the development and implementation of the right measures. The competitive position is to be strengthened in the long-term.


By way of a range of consulting services specifically tailored to mechanical engineering, TMG consultants realise demonstrably great client benefits.

This includes, for example:

  • An effective product development process
  • The modularisation of products and production plants
  • Lean production systems
  • Effective shop floor management
  • Planning and implementing a new factory

In addition, all consultants have the ability to determine the relevant levers from a bundle of topics and accompany them in their implementation. Here, a pragmatic and method-based approach is combined and applied with a wealth of experience.

The Mechanical Engineering Sector and its Complex Issues

One of the strengths of TMG Consultants GmbH lies in the consulting and implementation of interdisciplinary topics, be it in the products, processes or organisation. By way of a holistic view of the interrelationships, issues of product cost optimisation, complexity management or digital transformation can be best served.

As a benchmark and guideline: The corresponding fields of action are at all times aligned with the client-specific strategies and are in line with the answers to the strategic challenges to be developed.

Currently frequently discussed topics are, for example, Industry 4.0 “Made in China 2025,” factory automation, energy efficiency and lightweight construction. There are also solutions for the already noticeable and prevalent shortage of skilled workers.


The manufacturing industry

Process industry

The process industry is facing challenging tasks such as scarce raw materials, rising logistics costs, sales fluctuations and global markets with complex product structures. The challenges the process industry faces are manifold and will be overcome if companies succeed in achieving process excellence and sustainably improving their profitability. It is also already foreseeable that with the spread of Industry 4.0 solutions, companies will need to make further changes This is true, in particular, with regard to flexibilisation, modularisation or digitalisation of production.

what is a process industry

The process industry, which includes the high-turnover chemical and pharmaceutical industries or many manufacturing processes in the food industry, produces materials, for example, which are subsequently processed industrially, such as polymers (plastics) and petrochemicals. In addition, numerous products – varnishes, paints, adhesives, fertilisers or products from the steel, glass, cement and pulp and paper industries – are produced directly for use by the end consumer.


As one of the leading consulting companies for the manufacturing industry, TMG Consultants GmbH has already performed numerous projects to improve process efficiency and productivity in cooperation with companies in the process industry. Consulting projects concerning detail problems in individual plants up to the revision of the global production strategy. TMG Consultants GmbH combines the expertise of strategy, organisation and technology consultants. In the areas of development, production and logistics.

TMG Consultants offer Diverse consulting services in the process industry sector

Competitive adaptation of plant and production structures in line with new markets and market situations, development of global location strategies, redesign of supply chain processes or the implementation of complex organisational and technical changes: with a suitable mix of industry, specialist and technical know-how, TMG Consultants succeeds in creating the optimum solution for the client in the relevant project work. In the implementation phase, TMG’s professional project management makes a significant contribution to achieving the set goals in terms of quality, deadlines and costs.

TMG Consultants als Partner für die Prozessindustrie


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