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Hidden Champion

One of the few awards that cannot be bought.
Hidden Champion is based on a study. The aim of the study is to use a structured, in-depth survey of executives from large and medium-sized companies to determine which highly specialized but comparatively unknown consulting firms are considered by their clients to have greater expertise in their field than the three major consulting firms McKinsey, BCG and Bain & Company.

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Five times in a row

Hidden Champions Award successfully defended

A Hidden Champion:

  • must, in the opinion of an independent panel of experts, have the fundamental potential to qualify as a hidden champion, as confirmed by a preliminary empirical study.
  • must have an unsupported level of awareness, which is a maximum of 15 percent in the top management of large German companies with an annual turnover of over 1 billion euros.
  • must be able to name at least 20 contact persons from client companies to our institute within a very short period of time, whom we interview in writing and/or in person about their competencies.
  • must work for clients of which at least 50 percent have also worked with one or more of the champions – McKinsey, BCG and Bain; this proportion is measured within the group of contacts named to us and in a reference sample compiled by our institute together with the panel of experts.
  • must be rated better by its clients than McKinsey, BCG and Bain in at least one specialist area; the competence assessment is carried out by the contact persons named to us and by the respondents in the reference sample.

Hidden champions 2024/2025 in consulting for the manufacturing industry


We are once again incredibly grateful to have been awarded the title of “Hidden Champion 2024/2025 in consulting for the manufacturing industry”.
This award makes us proud every year and shows us that we are sustainably taking our customers to the next level of efficiency.
Together with our customers, we are growing and, thanks to them, we will once again become Hidden Champions 2024/2025.

Siegerfoto Hidden Champion der produzierenden Industrie 2022

Coveted title for the fourth time in a row


“The fact that we have been able to win this coveted title for the fourth time in a row fills us with pride,” says TMG Managing Director Darya van de Sandt-Nassehi, commenting on the renewed title win – “In particular because it is top decision-makers with consulting experience and project managers on the client side who attest to our outstanding competence. We have obviously done many things right in our projects.”

Leading consulting partner for the manufacturing industry


“We are immensely proud that we have now won the “Hidden Champion” title for the third time in a row,” commented TMG Managing Director Darya van de Sandt-Nassehi on winning the title again. “The award demonstrates the high esteem in which we are held by our customers and confirms our position as a leading consulting partner for the manufacturing industry – especially when it comes to successfully combining traditional challenges in R&D, production and SCM with new topics relating to automation and digitalization.” Klaus Dieterich, also Managing Director of TMG, shares this view: “We see the excellent rating, which has once again put us in first place in our consulting segment, as clear proof of the high quality of our services and the benefits we deliver to our customers.”

Siegerfoto Hidden Champion der produzierenden Industrie 2020

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