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Migration to S4/HANA

Pressure to act arises: In 2027, the maintenance of the SAP R/3 system officially expires – SAP S/4HANA is coming! For medium-sized companies, this means that they have to deal intensively with a project in the top class of complexity and the associated risks. The fear of failure is great and justified in the German SME sector. Regularly, even large and experienced companies overestimate themselves when implementing such projects.

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Migration to S4/HANA

High risks and even higher opportunities

In addition to a large number of risks, S/4HANA conversion projects also harbor great opportunities for companies. For example, errors or omissions from the changeover to SAP R/3 can finally be addressed. The business processes can be largely revised, harmonized and integrated before they are mapped in the new system. The quality and use of data can be significantly optimized, thus creating an essential prerequisite for the far-reaching digitalization of process chains. To summarize: You have the rare opportunity to significantly improve the performance of the entire company in the long term and thus secure and even expand your company’s competitiveness in the long term.

Top 10 mistakes during the changeover

Errors during S/4HANA changeovers

  • S/4HANA conversions are seen as IT projects
  • The business side is involved in the project too late
  • The options for the project approach are not clearly determined/evaluated
  • Strategic corporate goals are not sufficiently taken into account
  • Project scope and objectives are not clearly defined
  • The project organization is not set up stringently
  • The project is insufficiently and/or unrealistically planned
  • Critical resources are permanently overloaded
  • Conceptual content is not edited by key knowledge holders
  • Project management is insufficiently set up/equipped

High risks even higher opportunities

Chances in the changeover

  • Omissions from the R/3 implementation can be rectified
  • Realignment and optimization of the organization
  • Creation of important digitization prerequisites
  • Harmonization and optimization of business processes
  • Increasing data quality and utilization
  • Standardization of applications for users
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology
  • Optimization of IT costs
  • Increased employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Efficiency and effectiveness gains

ERPvisors – the specialists at your side

Support in all phases of the changeover

IT and SAP conversion projects require a great deal of know-how and are implemented by TMG Consultants GmbH together with ERPvisors GmbH. ERPvisors GmbH was spun off from TMG Consultants GmbH and draws on over 25 years of TMG experience. Many past and ongoing projects in the area of conversion to SAP S/4HANA have shown that a separate focus is required in order to provide companies with solution-oriented advice, which is why ERPvisors GmbH was founded.

The fine art is to minimize risks and make the best possible use of opportunities. We are happy to support you in this. As consultants, we can take on a variety of roles in your ERP project: Whether as a project controller, as a technical expert or as a project ambulance – with the help of our competent consultants, your project will be a success!

We would be happy to present our comprehensive range of services for each phase of your S/4HANA project in more detail in a personal meeting.

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