Für effiziente Produktentwicklung; von der Ideengenerierung bis zur Serienreife begleiten wir Sie mit unserer Expertise und individuellen Lösungen.

Product Creation and Development

Use your development and product creation as an engine for competitiveness and growth in manufacturing SMEs. As experienced R&D and development consultants, we support you in bringing innovative products to market efficiently and in a targeted manner.

TMG 9 Services – R&D 9 Product Creation and Development

Why TMG Consultants?

Your Consultants for Product Development

We use proven methods and best practices to optimise your product development process, or PDP, and your R&D organisation. We shorten the time-to-market and increase the quality of your products. From idea generation to series maturity, we accompany you with comprehensive expertise and individual solutions for a successful SOP.

Optimal market positioning

Service Portfolio

One of the most important competences of any company is to be able to provide its customers with an optimal portfolio of suitable products or the ideal service. It is particularly important to successfully position the right innovations on the market, open up new markets with the existing products and simultaneously critically question the existing portfolio.

By way of our value and portfolio analytical methods combined with a comprehensive product portfolio analysis, we establish individual transparency in existing product portfolios. Our wealth of experience as portfolio managers and portfolio experts in numerous projects enable us to work with you to identify the right ideas for new and innovative products and successfully develop new markets. In that respect, we focus on one thing at all times: Your customers.

From the idea to market

Product Development Process (PDP) &
R&D Performance

Companies today face changing needs and a high level of customer expectations. Positioning the right product on the market at the right time is, therefore, one of the essential requirements for modern R&D and production departments. High efficiency, strong R&D performance and, therefore, a short time-to-market are essential success factors for new products and services.

In addition to transparent R&D performance management, the product development process (PDP), in particular, plays a crucial role in shortening development cycles. Lead times can be drastically reduced by way of appropriate tailoring and associated process variants. Combined with a transparent maturity model of product development, products and services can, therefore, be developed not only faster, but also in higher quality with optimal use of resources in an interdisciplinary and cross-functional manner.

As experienced PDP and development consultants, we help you increase your company’s R&D efficiency based on our proven methods and best practices in development. Objective site assessment, modern development methods, clear performance measurement, a digital maturity model and an agile product development process are essential elements that our development experts can optimise with you.

Better market fit in less time


Agile development of products and services opens many doors for companies in the manufacturing industry:

  • Customers’ requirements are better met
  • Feasibility can be assessed more quickly
  • Solutions can be adapted at short notice
  • Interaction between development disciplines is improved
  • Transparency about the degree of maturity is increased

The art of agility and agile frameworks is to synchronise the varying time cycles of the individual components, e.g. mechanics and electronics or system with software, in such a way that maturity of the overall product develops evenly. This requires a coordinated interaction of processes, roles, knowledge and competences of the team.

As consultants with a wealth of practical experience and a high level of methodological competence in the transformation from classic to agile development organisations, to date we have supported numerous organisations in the development of an agile framework and the associated agile roll-out. Our credo in that respect: Agility must, at all times, be adapted to the needs of the respective companies and the associated range of services. By way of our agile framework, we create the right guard rails and fixed points for the customised design of agility.

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Digital Business Model

Discover tomorrow’s business model today. As experts and consultants for business model and innovation management, we support you in breaking new ground. From the development of individual platforms to the connection of the physical and digital world from the customer’s point of view.

Market entry strategy

We support you in opening up new markets and aligning your portfolio with a clear market entry strategy. As experienced management and strategy consultants, we use sound methods to give you a valuable insight into existing markets, changes, trends and business opportunities. From developing your business strategy and integrating it in your R&D organisation to successful market entry, we will guide you on your way.


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