General Planning

As general planners, TMG Consultants assumes responsibility and planning for complex, interdisciplinary planning and engineering services for new factory buildings, extensions or refurbishments. Sustainability and resource efficiency are our guiding principles, with the goal of a zero emission factory.

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Why TMG Consultants?

Comprehensive Building Planning

You receive professional and integrated planning from a single source, represented by a network of specialists and experts. Our integrated planning covers all planning and implementation phases of a project, including site supervision and implementation support. Factory planning and general planning go hand in hand, as factory planning is part of the overall planning of the project.

Quality, deadlines and costs at a glance

Project Management

Project control, client representation and project management are rudimentary components of our services. TMG’s technical know-how in production and professional expertise in building planning and realisation are complemented by extensive project management experience. Operations focus on monitoring quality, deadlines and costs TMG Consultants supports this by way of a tried and tested approach and a standardised project set-up.

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Factory & plant structure planning

Additional services

Layout and Plant Structure Planning

By way of customised methods, digital planning and experienced experts, we develop long-term solutions for complex layout challenges From strategy development to optimised plant layouts and investment plans – we guide you through the entire process professionally to make your plant a success.

Factory Planning

We support you in your factory planning with BIM and 3D visualisation. Our experts plan your factory holistically and efficiently across all disciplines. By way of Building Information Modelling, we offer you maximum transparency and planning reliability for a modern, sustainable factory.

Footprint and Site Search

Discover the importance of an effective footprint. Our strategic location decisions help you find the perfect production site. Gain access to new suppliers and optimally meet your growth requirements. With us as your partner, you become a driver of change and conquer new locations.


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