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Production Strategy and Network Design

A goal-oriented production strategy is crucial for the long-term success of companies. Especially in view of the volatile business environment, the alignment and design of the production network are of central importance for global companies. By way of our experience in portfolio optimisation, we help you align your product and service portfolio in a future-proof way. Together we make the right make-or-buy decisions and set up the supply chain and production network in a cost-efficient and resilient way.

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Volatile markets, changing political and economic conditions as well as corporate mergers lead to a continual reshaping of supply chains. Against this background, the ability to establish functioning networks and design them in a resilient and efficient manner is becoming a fundamental success factor for manufacturing companies. Our many years of experience in the manufacturing industry enable us to support companies in overcoming these challenges and accompany them on their way to a sustainable and efficient supply chain.

Future-oriented market supply

Production Strategy

The production strategy as the basis for the orientation of the operative business plays an important role with regard to the competitiveness and sustainability of companies. From your production and technology portfolio to the depth of added value (make-or-buy analysis) and network design, we support you in making optimal use of your resources, minimising costs and at the same time ensuring high quality and delivery capability.

As part of a holistic production strategy drawn from the corporate goals, all areas are ideally synchronised with each other. In addition to a clearly aligned production and technology portfolio, this also includes careful consideration for or against in-house production or external procurement. Furthermore, we take care of the design of your production network, the dimensioning of your plant and the right use of technology to keep your production agile. In conjunction with a customised sourcing strategy and a smooth logistics chain, these elements form the basis for efficient production. By way of a well thought-out production strategy, we ensure that all these elements harmonise with each other and you are able to adapt to changing market conditions and be successful in the long-term.

Sustainable supply chain resilience

Production Networks

The volatility with which changes in the business environment are currently proceeding poses a variety of risks. At the same time, however, it also results in numerous opportunities, in particular in the context of Industry 4.0. Insofar as companies succeed in optimising their operations footprint accordingly and aligning production network planning with the possibilities of Industry 4.0, this will give manufacturing companies a sustainable strategic competitive advantage.

Market proximity and service levels are improved, sustainability is emphasised and complexity is reduced exactly where it affects performance and efficiency in the supply chain.

As one of the leading consulting firms for the manufacturing industry – with in-depth industry-specific know-how and practical experience from a multitude of client projects to optimise global production, R&D and logistics networks – we are ideally equipped to support you in the strategic and market-compliant review and further development of your global networks with sustainable success.


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Production Concepts and Product Start-Ups

With optimally designed production, you can increase your delivery performance and reduce manufacturing costs. With a comprehensive value analysis, we support you in the planning and realisation of production systems – from the design of new state-of-the-art solutions to the transfer of new products to effective series production and the optimisation of existing systems.

Cost reduction and performance enhancement

With our 360° Check Production, we swiftly identify improvement and savings potential as well as bottlenecks in your plants and eliminate existing inefficiencies via targeted measures. By way of targeted rightsizing, we help you get more out of your production and sustainably improve your cost position for long-term competitiveness.

Smart Operations

We analyse your processes and identify opportunities for sensible implementation.


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