Digital Operating Model

Digital Operating Model

To master the challenges of digital transformation, you need a clear vision and a precise digitalisation strategy. As experienced digitalisation consultants, we support you in the digitalisation of your maturity model and accompany you with a digital operating model on the entire path of your digital transformation.

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Why TMG Consultants?

Your Partner for Digitalisation

Based on the experience of numerous transformation projects, we analyse your business processes and identify potentials for digitalisation to increase your efficiency and competitiveness. By optimising your data value chain, we also enable you to gain valuable insights from your data and turn them into sustainable business success.

How digital is your company?

Maturity Level

To purposefully embark on the path to a digitised corporate world, it is important to know the current position – the digital maturity level – for your company. This forms the basis for all further efforts to become a digital and disruptive company. By using our proven digital maturity model, we offer you the opportunity to objectively determine your status quo and draw a comparison with a large number of similar companies as a starting point for your digital transformation.

Your data will, of course, be treated confidentially. Below you will find a current overview and benchmark of the companies that have participated so far and that we have supported as consultants. Only anonymised results are included in the benchmark overview.

From vision to reality

Digitisation Strategy and Roadmap

Based on our experience from a multitude of digitisation projects, we support you in your “Journey” through all phases of the digital transformation, starting from your individual location assessment. For us, this means:

  • Formulating a customised vision for your company
  • Deriving your specific digitalisation strategy
  • Securing digitisation initiatives by way of customised conception and organisation

In that respect, it is essential that your company develops a digitisation strategy that is linked to the corporate strategy – this is the only way to derive and implement the right and value-creating initiatives.

Shaping the change

Business Process Digitisation

Today, processes are usually supported by IT systems to improve efficiency and collaboration. Today, processes are usually supported by IT systems to improve efficiency and collaboration. However, in the course of further digitalisation of business processes (reference to TOM / processes), companies can create real transparency and automation of their processes and, therefore, further increase efficiency in their own process structure and strengthen the implementation of the digitalisation strategy.

Use optimal IT support as the basis for a successful and efficient process landscape in your company. As a second step, identify relevant approaches for the use of RPAs (Robotic Process Automation) or CBRs (Cognitive Business Robotics, e.g. also for data harmonisation (reference to master data harmonisation) with our digitisation experts and digital consultants. By way of our proven methods and experience, our digital and process experts not only support you in identifying the relevant processes and solution approaches, but also establish efficiency improvements via the implementation of corresponding digitalisation solutions.

Data as a driver of innovation

Data Value Chain

Nowadays, every company generates and uses data. However, data are used often used in very different way – usually “Randomly” and opportunistically. In the context of digitalisation, take a look at your data value chain and find out how you can use the data you already have to generate real added value and create disruptive solutions.

We support you in structuring and establishing your data value chain and answer questions such as:

  • What data do we already have and how is the quality to be classified?
  • How can we use our data to increase results?
  • What additional, unused potential is hidden in our data?
  • How do we need to structure our data generation and processing in the future?
  • How can data help us develop innovative and disruptive business models (link to business models in the context of TOM and development)?

Our experts, data scientists and digital consultants help you generate real added value from your hidden treasure trove of data and their potential in the short term.

No matter which path you take, we are equipped! We accompany you with competent advice and successfully tested methods in all questions of digital transformation, from strategy to implementation, so that your company is equipped for a digital future.

In our Competence Centre, we combine multidisciplinary expertise in digital technologies with more than 30 years of experience in management consulting for manufacturing companies. In that respect, we understand digitisation in medium-sized companies and in the group as a holistic approach. This must build on your existing structures and be realistically implementable in your organisation. From strategy and new business models, to planning, implementation and completed digital transformation.

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Thanks to our experience in IT strategy consulting and IT project management, we know: IT transformation consists of more than just systems. From system selection to implementation, we are with you every step of the way to ensure you get the right technology for your business. Let us revolutionise your IT landscape together and lay the foundation for your future success.


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