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Thanks to our experience in IT strategy consulting and IT project management, we know: IT transformation consists of more than just systems. By way of our comprehensive and field-tested IT & Data Check, we analyse your IT infrastructure and data landscape to identify weaknesses and uncover optimisation potential. Our ERPvisors team of experts implement your S/4HANA strategy to enable a smooth transition to the next ERP generation. From system selection to implementation, we are with you every step of the way to ensure you get the right technology for your business. Let us revolutionise your IT landscape together and lay the foundation for your future success.

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Why TMG Consultants?

Your Partner for IT Transformation

The IT of manufacturing companies is the backbone of their daily activities and operations in the market. Without the company’s own IT systems and organisation, no company can successfully exist in the market. As an enabler for digitalisation, IT has another important role to play. It is both an enabler and an innovator Based on our decades of expertise, our IT consultants and our partner ERPvisor help you set up your IT accordingly, become aware of the critical success factors and optimally design them. After all, these are mandatory prerequisites of today’s industrial companies and, therefore, overarching goals of strategic IT management.

Create transparency, ensure success

IT & Data Check

As a company manager, it is hardly possible to have transparency about one’s own IT support and data quality as prerequisites for digitalisation and, therefore, for the success of the company. To that end, the following central questions arise with regard to the interaction of IT, data and their business:

  • How well are the business processes supported
  • How good is the data quality in the company
  • What kind of data do we collect, store and process in our company?
  • Are our IT services and solutions sufficiently flexible to meet changing business needs?
  • How well are the requirements and needs of the different business units understood?
  • How well are we able to integrate and harmonise data from different sources?
  • How well are our data management and governance processes established and documented?

With the help of the IT & Data Check, we support you in a short time to create transparency and awareness regarding these questions. In that respect, we not only focus on the status quo, but also derive necessary measures and objectives with you and integrate them in your digitalisation strategy as well as your IT strategy.

Setting the right course

S/4HANA Set-Up

Pressure to act is building: SAP R/3 maintenance is officially coming to an end – SAP S/4HANA is coming! For medium-sized companies, this means that they have to deal intensively with a project in the top class of complexity and the associated risks. The fear of failure is great and justified in the German SME sector. Regularly, even large and experienced companies overestimate themselves when implementing such projects.

IT organisation in transition

IT Strategy

To ensure smooth processes in the company, it is imperative that your IT functions and ensures efficiency. These are just a few points that usually need to be defined as IT goals in the case of deriving the corporate strategy. An adequate IT strategy must be defined and pursued enable digitalisation. Among other things, the following questions must be answered:

  • What contributions does IT make to achieving the goals?
  • Which IT systems will be used?
  • What is the future IT landscape?
  • How is the IT organisation set up and how must it be designed in the future?

To contribute real added value to digitalisation and, therefore, to the competitiveness of the company, your IT department must transform itself into a true business partner. But how does this succeed and in which steps do you complete this transformation? Our experts at ERPvisors support you in designing and operationalising your individual IT strategy and, therefore, ensure the future viability of your IT support.

From analysis to implementation

System Selection and Implementation

Following a comprehensive process definition or optimisation, companies usually ask themselves which IT systems support the processes in the best possible way and whether existing systems need to be replaced. By way of our experience in software selection and implementation, the ERPvisors experts are the right partner to answer these questions with you.


Our support and advice ranges from the initial cost-benefit analysis, selection of systems and providers to the successful implementation of the systems under consideration. As the interface between the specialist department, IT, system provider and management, we ensure that all goals are achieved in terms of quality, costs and time.

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Digital Operating Model

To master the challenges of digital transformation, you need a clear vision and a clear digitalisation strategy. As experienced digitalisation consultants, we support you in the digitalisation of your maturity model and accompany you with a digital operating model on the entire path of your digital transformation.


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