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Business Process Management

BPM (Business Process Management) is a guarantee for your company’s success. It includes the greenfield design of new processes and the optimisation of existing processes towards end-to-end processes. Process mining creates transparency about process performance. Responsibilities and corporate strategy are important components of a BPM strategy. We select suitable applications for collaboration, real-time data integration and automation to increase your process potential.

Why TMG Consultants?

Your partner for business process management

As an experienced process consultancy, we offer you approaches and solutions that create transparency in your process landscape in the shortest possible time. We support you with modern methods, BPM tool suites and data-driven analyses. Coupled with our vast experience in business process management, we are able to determine the situation with you at short notice, derive measures for business process optimisation and put them into practice. Alternatively, we can set up your business process management from scratch within a very short time using a greenfield approach.

Determine your company’s performance

The BPM Maturity Level

Companies need a transparent overview of the current status of their process world to optimise business processes. We have, therefore, developed the BPM maturity level in conjunction with experts from the field. Using the maturity model, the performance of your business process management can be analysed in seven dimensions – from strategy to culture, from process organisation to controlling.

Success by way of process-intelligent action

End-To-End Process Design

As process consultants with decades of experience, we are convinced that business processes are the central nervous system of your company. The knowledge in and of your processes is one of the most important core and key competences for the development and expansion of sustainable competitive advantages of your company. As a client-oriented company, you should consider, internalise and live business processes end-to-end: from order to delivery, from product idea to market phase-out, from demand to storage. Be it in business process design, business process management or business process reengineering.

Acting in a process-intelligent way is critical for the success of companies. This means acting in a process-oriented and data-driven manner, continually scrutinising business processes and constantly improving them. With a coordinated process world, you not only optimise and structure the processes in your daily activities. You orchestrate the achievement of your business goals across all areas and create transparency about the actual performance of your organisation.
As process consultants with a wealth of experience and expert knowledge, we are happy to support you with our proven methods and establish best practices in optimising and redesigning your business processes.


Process models vs. operational practice

Process Mining & Analytics

Process mining, a data-driven business process analysis, can be used to conduct fast and accurate process analyses and, therefore, create objective transparency. We know from practical experience that almost all larger industrial companies now work with process models in which how their business processes should run is precisely described and documented. However, in the course of our process consulting projects we see time and again that operational practice often varies hugely from this. The effects on the costs of the processes are considerable.

Inefficiencies and anomalies in the processes are uncovered during process mining on the basis of process-immanent data. Process mining, therefore, creates the prerequisite for identifying short-term levers for tapping substantial cost and efficiency potential. At the same time, it is the basis for long-term process monitoring to ensure compliance. Thanks to our experienced process consultants, you can achieve full transparency of your processes via process mining within a very short time in a project or via permanent implementation.

Market-oriented control and continual optimisation

BPM Strategy & Organisation

Business process management is an essential part of your company’s operating model (reference to TOM paragraph). As a link between the strategy and the structures and organisation, it plays a key role in achieving your business goals. From our many years of experience as process consultants with numerous practical insights, we have seen time and again that it is precisely for this reason that Business Process Management also requires a medium and long-term alignment.

If your company is to grow in the long-term and in a scalable manner while remaining efficient and adaptable, it is essential to define a BPM strategy along these goals. This not only gives business process management a clear perspective, but also creates a demarcation of competences and responsibilities in your organisational and operational structure. Processes need clear structures. If the responsibilities for alignment, process architecture and process design are not clearly defined, it is difficult to bring the business processes to life in the organisation. The BPM organisation ensures clear responsibilities for process maintenance, the continual development and optimisation of business processes as well as a coordinated and uniform target picture. As a process consultancy, we support you in managing and continually optimising your process landscape in a market-oriented manner, including in a dynamic, highly competitive and volatile environment.

Focus on collaboration and data integration

BPM Toolchain

The days of drawing business processes in classic office applications are a thing of the past. Modern BPM requires more than the mere visualisation of processes: Collaboration along processes, integration and evaluation of process data in real time, automation of processes by way of workflows or Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The number of providers in this area is constantly growing to the extent that it is also becoming more and more challenging for your company to find the right application for the individual use case. In doing so, it is important to consider both the requirements of the business departments and the integration in your IT landscape and identify the best fit for your company.
Thanks to our experience as BPM digitisation consultants, we are happy to support you in setting up your BPM toolchain and integrating your data world in the business processes.

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As experienced organisational consultants, we work with you to design the optimal organisational solution for your specific company situation. In that respect, we focus on the efficiency of the solution. In deriving the “Right” organisation and the ideal company tailoring of structures, it is important to harmonise the business model, resources, culture and personalisation in each case. A holistic reorganisation also includes appropriate governance. We rely on clear rules, roles and responsibilities. Supplemented by suitable control models, we create objectivity and transparency by way of indicator-based models. In this way, we ensure comprehensive control and monitoring of the performance of processes, organisation and IT.

Target Operating Model

As a management consultancy for the manufacturing industry, we combine our competencies from the areas of process consulting, organisational consulting and IT consulting, supplemented by the technical expertise from manufacturing companies and the corresponding strategy consulting, to create a holistic concept for the design of your company. Based on your entrepreneurial vision, we define the service portfolio with the associated business models with you and design the necessary business process optimisation based on this. This is how the target operating model of your company is created. We are always there for you


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