TMG Consultant bei der Ausarbeitung Ihres Target Operating Models

Target Operating Model

Your vision is our goal. In conjunction with you, we define your service portfolio with the associated business models and design the necessary business process optimisation based on this. Based on this, we develop the optimal organisation and the corresponding IT and data structure. We are always there for you

Why TMG Consultants?


Our competencies lie in the areas of process consulting, organisational consulting and IT consulting, complemented by the technical expertise of manufacturing companies and the corresponding strategy consulting. We help you develop a holistic corporate strategy based on this expertise. By way of a tried and tested approach, we create clear structures for the transformation in three steps: From strategy, to processes, to organisation and IT and data structure.



Our methods for strategy development are based on your entrepreneurial vision. From the requirements of your markets, we derive the appropriate corporate strategy for sustainable growth and efficient alignment. Based on the strategic guidelines, we define both the relevant business models and the optimal tailoring of the company’s product and service portfolio. As a strategy consultancy, we understand how to translate the core of your business models into clear requirements for processes and the associated business transactions.

The clear strategic guard rails allow us to define a process landscape in the shortest possible time that ensures both high customer value along the customer journey and internal efficiency along the value chain. Thanks to our many years of experience as process consultants in the manufacturing industry and the use of state-of-the-art process management tools, we are able to optimally tailor your processes to the core of your value creation. Regardless of the orientation towards functional processes or a customer-oriented process world along end-to-end processes, we create a process hierarchy and process architecture that best emphasizes your unique selling points. In this way, we can show in detail and together how you want to work in the future.



Governance Model

The foundation of the Target Operating Model is the associated organisation and IT and data infrastructure. . The clear understanding of the portfolio to be realised as well as the associated processes allow the organisation to define and align the steering as well as the governance model precisely to the needs of your business.

As an established organizational consulting firm, we benefit from a wealth of experience in organizational development consulting. From medium-sized companies to organizational design for corporations with tens of thousands of employees. Always with the goal of defining the optimal framework of resources and “rightsizing” accordingly.



The organisational design and systemic organisational development are flanked by the definition and development of an IT landscape that is a perfect fit. By way of targeted digitalisation solutions and automation approaches along the entire value chain, we manage to realise the organisation’s efficiency goals with our partner ERPvisors.

At the same time, we ensure the scalability of the company as well as the required flexibility with regard to your customer markets. Through close collaboration with ERPvisors, we thus ensure consistency from the processes to the IT architecture and from the business cases to the associated data models.

We are always there for you

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Organisation und processes

Additional services

Business Process Management

Business process management, or BPM in brief, is a guarantee for efficient and successful companies. In addition to the greenfield design of new process landscapes, it includes the optimisation of existing business processes towards end-to-end processes. Process mining makes it possible to establish transparency in respect of the performance of your processes within a very short time. The assignment of responsibilities and the strengthening of the corporate strategy are an essential part of the development of a BPM strategy and organisation. By way of the objective selection of suitable applications for collaboration, real-time data integration and automation, we jointly raise the potential of your process world.


As experienced organisational consultants, we work with you to design the optimal organisational solution for your specific company situation. In that respect, we focus on the efficiency of the solution. In deriving the “Right” organisation and the ideal company tailoring of structures, it is important to harmonise the business model, resources, culture and personalisation in each case. A holistic reorganisation also includes appropriate governance. We rely on clear rules, roles and responsibilities. Supplemented by suitable control models, we create objectivity and transparency by way of indicator-based models. In this way, we ensure comprehensive control and monitoring of the performance of processes, organisation and IT.


We Look Forward to Discussing Matters with You!

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