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Project Management

We are your partner for professional project management! In today’s fast-paced economy, volatility and ambidextry are central concepts. With the acceleration of all activities and the consequences of the pandemic, companies are forced to constantly adapt to new situations and adjust their strategies accordingly. Projects are becoming increasingly important to drive innovation and survive the competition.

Why TMG Consultants?

Your Project Management Consultant

How to ensure that projects are successfully implemented? How to overcome resource constraints, unclear processes and lack of experience? We offer you the support you need to make your projects a success. Visit us now and learn more.

Nothing is more constant than change


We see change management as an active part of project management consulting and give the topic sufficient time and space. As an external project partner, we see our task as walking the path of change with our clients, from clarifying an assignment to the self-evident follow-up support – once the project has been completed. Our experienced project managers are successful change facilitators, as part of a consulting team, as sparring partners for your managers or as coaches for your top management.

The phenomena that describe the current state and challenges of the manufacturing industry have one thing in common: They deal with the status of change and the attempt to remain increasingly efficient and yet flexible at the same time. The resulting demands on managers and staff are often a boon – projects attack the content of specialised areas such as production, logistics or purchasing. However, fundamental improvements are often only achieved when the organisational structure is also changed, processes are adapted and rules of cooperation are redefined accordingly. We offer professional support for these far-reaching changes so that they have a long-term effect.

Structures and transparency

Project Management Office (PMO)

We see that the role of a PMO is becoming increasingly important as project activities become more international. As the leading structure-giving authority in the management of complex projects, the PMO is responsible for eliminating the stumbling blocks of planning by using efficient methods and tools. As project management consultants, we support you in implementing your Project Management Office!

Large initiatives often start faster than the parent organisation is able to decide across all divisions and further beyond the limits of its own authority. The programme management and sub-project management face the struggle for selected resources and experts right from the start, and clients quickly lose track of where the effort is coming from. The steadily growing share of digitalisation – both in the end products and in the processes – requires the balanced use of so-called –“classic” methods as well as use of agile project management, for example by way of the Scrum method. It is essential that the PMO supports the different departments from production to IT in the selection process and brings along the necessary equipment for the respective case – based on the motto: The best of both worlds.

Know-how for executives and top management


We examine your project management set-up. By way of our quick check, you will receive within a short period of time a statement on the maturity level of your company in dealing with projects, taking into account all relevant stakeholders. We will be happy to accompany you on your way conceptually and operationally and coach your managers in their behaviour, tasks and competences assigned to them in their roles as decision-makers in review teams, steering committees or sounding boards.

Many companies have defined their project management processes, mostly based on existing methodological sets such as PMIs PMBOK, IPMA, Prince2 and SAFe etc. In theory, the entire endeavour in project-oriented companies is to largely adhere to these specifications and processes. With the distance from the working level, the issue is not given the necessary importance. The committed project management then experiences its Waterloo in a high-ranking decision-making body, caused by a lack of understanding on the part of the questioning managers. In the case of doubt, decisions are made “Against the accused”, the project is interrupted and unplannable delays occur. The common view of the tasks in the project team, their capacity and the changed understanding of your management team leads directly to an intensification of the internal cooperation and, therefore, to more efficient project processing.

What can you expect from us?

Our Task Force Project Management

As implementation specialists, no situation is alien or too delicate for us – we often start where others have stopped or given up. The Task Force Project Management we have developed offers a set of methods and tools in conjunction with experienced project managers that can lead projects out of a crisis. Tried and tested and combined with our experience in change management, we offer short-term relief for your organisation.

This applies to issues that have run into difficulties in all sectors of the manufacturing industry, where on-time completion and delivery are crucial, as well as support for development projects, ramp-ups or relocations. We help you transform the fail fast, learn fast approach to fail fast, fail cheap, as you can draw on our wealth of experience to learn from mistakes other organisations have already lived through. We provide you with recipes for failure from a wide range of industries where you should lack your own lessons learned. Consulting projects that will inspire you and from which you will emerge stronger.

High effectiveness of your project management process

The TMG-PM-Tool

In implementation-oriented project management consulting, the focus is on a quick overview, planning reliability and control of the derived measures in the PDCA cycle. These basic requirements for the professional PM process are supported by our TMG project management tool, which ensures planning reliability even for complex projects and provides excellent support in tracking measures, in particular for dislocated teams in large projects, programmes and multi-project management.

The progress data obtained from this provides a continual status overview of the open issues, including necessary recommendations for action in the event of variations, trend analyses and resource planning. These form the framework for control of the project by the project management and also the basis for an adequate PM dashboard as reporting for the management. This structured support of your project initiatives forms the basis for sustainable implementation measures and is also gladly used by clients following completion of the consultancy assignment. For us, this is repeated confirmation of the trust placed in our methodology and tools in the field of complexity reduction in challenging project landscapes.

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Additional services

Taskforce Management

Complex issues in usually tight timeframes with a team that operates outside the regular organisation and is equipped with the corresponding decision-making powers – the ultimate form of project management. We specialise in solving these tasks in a structured and methodical way where others have already vacated the field.

Supplier Management

The success criteria of resilience in the case of global supply chains such as cost efficiency, quality and security of supply can only be achieved with appropriately qualified suppliers as partners in the value chain. Successful cooperation with suppliers is manifested by anchoring supplier management in the corporate strategy and supported by structured follow-up at operational level.


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