TMG Consultants ist Ihr Partner für temporäre Taskforce-Organisationen

Taskforce Management

TMG Consultants is your partner for temporary task force organisations. By way of our structured task force management approach and experienced project managers, we are at your side to manage a wide range of crises. Rely on our many years of experience and master your current challenges with us at your side.

Why TMG Consultants?

Your Consultants for Task Force Management

The need for a task force in your company is growing due to many uncertainties in the markets. We offer the necessary expertise to help you navigate successfully. Whether on-time completion, deliveries, development projects or relocations, we provide task force management on demand.

Temporary organisation for acute events

Task Force against Overload

The global change and the environment to which companies are currently exposed have never been as challenging and diverse as they are today. Raw materials are in short supply and prices are spiralling upwards with no foreseeable end in sight, global transport is lagging behind and crises are exacerbating the situation.

From the companies’ point of view, necessary reactions to this environment can only be mapped to a certain extent with the existing organisational form and additionally initiated projects.

Here we see time and again that in emergency situations, perhaps even force majeure, the day-to-day business is overloaded and the line functions can no longer efficiently handle this double burden. These are usually cross-plant or cross-divisional/ cross-functional issues that would also go beyond the scope of a project. This is the right time to initiate a task force in the company, because a project will not be able to achieve what the task force is capable of.

Rapid effectiveness, long experience and broad range of applicability

The TMG Task Force Success Factors

As implementation specialists, no situation is alien or too delicate for us – we often start where others have stopped or given up. The task force management approach we have developed consists of a clearly defined approach and set of methods and tools combined with experienced project managers to overcome a wide range of crises.

Tried and tested and coupled with our experience as change management consultants, we offer you short-term relief for your organisation. This applies to issues that have run into difficulties in all sectors of the manufacturing industry, where on-time completion and delivery are crucial, as well as support for development projects, industrialisation or relocations.

With regard to abruptly abandoning supply sources and key suppliers, we have developed the customisable, AI-based software 7Q1, which provides you with alternative suppliers and sources of supply along the entire supply chain within the shortest possible time. A real added value for your company. A real added value for your company.

We help you transform the fail fast, learn fast approach to fail fast, fail cheap, as you can draw on our wealth of experience to learn from mistakes other organisations have already lived through. We provide you with recipes for failure from a wide range of industries where you should lack your own lessons learned. Consulting projects that will inspire you and from which you will emerge stronger.

A combination of success factors coupled with the experience of numerous task force assignments that have led to success will also successfully overcome your current challenges.

We are always there for you

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Project Management

Whether classic, agile or hybrid, single projects or programmes – we understand the necessary methods, processes and structures to help your project management initiatives achieve excellence. We contribute to your success thanks to our PM know-how by way of focussing on applicability in your individual work environment – from development to industrialisation and after sales, from the shop floor to indirect areas.

Supplier Management

The success criteria of resilience in the case of global supply chains such as cost efficiency, quality and security of supply can only be achieved with appropriately qualified suppliers as partners in the value chain. Successful cooperation with suppliers is manifested by anchoring supplier management in the corporate strategy and supported by structured follow-up at operational level.


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