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Supplier Management

Increasingly complex challenges, with simultaneously rising requirements and risks, are becoming an increasing burden for purchasing organisations.

TMG 9 Service – Procurement 9 Portfolio/supplier management

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As a service provider, consultant and purchaser, portfolio management in purchasing covers all support services relating to your purchasing portfolio, in particular:

  • Supplier Management
  • Goods group management
  • Risk management
  • Inventory management
  • Resilient supply chains

Elements from several areas, some of which are mutually dependent and overlap, make it necessary to look at each situation individually or adopt a company-specific approach.

as the core of the purchasing portfolio

Supplier Management

The competitiveness of manufacturing companies is increasingly influenced by the role of their suppliers in increasingly complex global supply chains. The success criteria of resilience such as cost efficiency, quality and security of supply can only be achieved with appropriately qualified suppliers as partners in the value chain.

Successful and professional cooperation with suppliers is manifested by establishing supplier management in the purchasing/corporate strategy. Risk prevention and the associated proactive supplier development should be given high priority in daily operations.


We support companies in the manufacturing industry in the field of supplier management whose strategic supplier management or supplier relationships have fallen back into old patterns based on mere transactions and the assertion of their own interests, where the relationship with strategic suppliers is described as complicated, as well as in the case of obvious deficiencies with such key suppliers.

Our TMG Quick Check gives you an independent expert view of your improvement potential very quickly and offers the opportunity for focused implementation measures.



Use of supplier risk management is a structured preventive method. This topic is becoming ever more important due to the increasingly volatile sales and procurement markets and at the same time the growing complexity and diversity of products and components. To that end, we have developed a Supplier Performance & Risk Assessment that specifically and efficiently identifies any weak points in your supply chain before your production comes to a standstill.



The question of the effort required to implement measures to develop existing suppliers versus the search for alternative suppliers often arises, in particular, in the field of risk assessment. Based on the jointly developed requirements, you define the criteria across departments for the approval of new suppliers. Depending on size, scope and specialisation, the search is conducted conventionally or with AI support. By way of an on-site visit, we can evaluate the performance of your (future) supplier. The supplier selection takes place along the criteria set at the beginning in a joint decision-making process.



The importance of digitally networked supply chains – locally and globally – is made clear by the need for resource efficiency in the procurement process: The higher the level of digitalisation and, therefore, the automation of their processes, the better purchasing staff can evolve from administrative-operational buyers to structured commodity group managers and strategic negotiators. The added value of purchasing – also as a companion in product development – is, therefore, decisively supported.



As part of supplier evaluation, individually defined assessment criteria are used to cover purchasing, quality and logistics issues. With regard to the role of suppliers as partners in development and the sustainability of the supply chain, aspects relating to innovation, risk, safety and the environment should also be taken into account. The supplier evaluation system that is right for your company is the basis for the assessment of your suppliers and subsequently also supports your purchasing department in the continual supplier development. However, the effectiveness of the supplier evaluation only becomes apparent when the derived measures have been discussed and agreed with the suppliers. The resulting solution proposals must be implemented and documented within a realistically defined period of time. We know from numerous projects which steps are necessary and which measures have proven in practice to raise supplier performance to the required level. After all, the primary focus of supplier development is to optimise the performance level of the supplier portfolio, adapt in line with changing conditions and improve cooperation with the supplier.



Despite extensive activities in supplier management, sudden performance disruptions in these supply chains occur time and again due to global, complex and interconnected supply chains. Based on our many years of practical experience and numerous consulting projects in crisis situations as well as the management of suppliers in “Daily business,” we are ideally equipped to help manufacturing companies of various sizes quickly and competently in the event of imminent or existing delivery failures. We know what is necessary and what has proven in practice to quickly bring supplier performance back to the required level.

By way of short-term “On-site” visits to critical suppliers, we find the weak points in the supply chain and create transparency with a supplier check specially developed by us, define the necessary optimisation measures and help with the operational implementation of such measures. Activities often focus on rapid implementation and ensuring the required quality Our services also include the development of production capacities if this serves to secure supply and is considered sensible or necessary for stability in the supply chain. Supply-related production stoppages are, therefore, a thing of the past.

Optimization of product groups or individual elements

Goods group management

In the field of product group management, our consultants can strategically manage entire product groups as well as optimise individual elements.

In the strategic management of a product group by TMG consultants, we take on the following tasks in particular – at all times in close consultation with the client:

  • Goods group analysis (initial)
  • Strategy definition and implementation
    • Supplier consolidation
    • Development of new suppliers
    • Increasing procurement efficiency
  • Conducting market analyses and tenders (ongoing/recurring)
  • Negotiating suppliers (ongoing/recurring)

Resilience of supply chains

Resiliente Lieferkette

Maintaining and creating resilience in supply chains has become enormously important, in particular due to geopolitical developments in recent years and taking into account potential future risks. Potential risks have become more complex and expenses for (counter)measures have increased.

The risks, as well as measures for action, differ in part from sector to sector, from company to company and market to market etc. This requires an individual approach and tailor-made solutions.

We analyse your supply chain, identify risks, develop remedial measures and implement them with you or for you. The measures can be manifold and can be, for example, the following:

  • Building up optimal warehouse and buffer stocks
  • Diversification of suppliers
  • Identification of alternative suppliers or 2nd or multiple sources
  • Backup programmes with inventory suppliers via workshops and discussions
  • Identifying substitute products and alternative technologies

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Additional services

Purchasing cost reduction

Based on an initial analysis (quick check or comprehensive 360° analysis), we work together with your purchasing department to implement the results. We reduce your costs holistically and sustainably, at all times using the optimisation levers appropriate to your company and your situation and within the framework of an individually tailored concept.

Purchasing organisation development

Our consultants strengthen, develop, optimize and transform your procurement with individual measures in the fields of strategy, organization, processes, resources and performance that are adapted to the existing maturity level.

Sustainable purchasing

We accompany purchasing on the path to sustainability. From the assessment of the current situation to the definition of goals and joint implementation. Our experience from many customer projects helps to identify risks, define measures, meet legal requirements and select suitable partners and tools for you.

Digitalisation in purchasing

TMG’s purchasing and digitalisation experts help you to exploit the possibilities of automation and digitalisation in purchasing as well.

Purchasing potential analysis

We recommend an upstream potential analysis to identify existing optimisation potential and, in particular, derive an implementation concept specifically tailored to your company.

AI-based supplier search

Create competitive advantages, minimise risks, compensate for resource bottlenecks, become more sustainable, work more strategically.


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