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Purchasing cost reduction

To achieve the greatest possible and most sustainable cost savings, deriving measures individually tailored to your company is the key to mutual success. Our holistic approach is divided into three phases:


  1. Potential analysis (quick check or 360° analysis)
  2. Implementation (realisation)
  3. Sustainability assurance
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quick check or 360° analysis

Potential analysis

Based on an implementation concept tailored to your company – either developed in the course of an upstream potential analysis or at the start of the project – we realise existing cost-saving potentials with your purchasing department.
Thanks to a suitable team mix of TMG consultants made up of technicians and business people as well as consultants and purchasers, almost all activities can be taken over by us.
This includes, for example,

  • Conducting all analyses and data preparation
  • Preparation, implementation/application and follow-up of all optimisation levers
  • Project management, controlling and documentation

A uniform understanding and definition of success is as important to our clients as it is to us. Therefore, all relevant parameters for measuring success and evaluating savings are jointly defined at the start of the project.

We realise the savings by applying the appropriate optimisation levers in each case, such as

  • Negotiations and supplier days
  • (Global) sourcing / development of new suppliers
  • E-auctions
  • Supplier bundling
  • Process optimisation
  • Standardisation and modularisation
  • Value analysis and technical optimisation





Implementation in experienced hands


It has proven practicable (in particular considering the necessary and usually scarce resources on the customer side) to divide a holistic cost optimisation project into three stages.
The first stage is aimed at realising short-term savings and quick wins, mainly by way of negotiations and optimisation of standardised products and services.

Depending on the overall scope, the lead time is about 3-4 months.
In many cases, further potentials – e.g. by way of new suppliers or alternative products – are identified or verified. Implementation of these is initiated in the course of the first stage and then completed within the framework of a successive transition in a second stage of about 4-8 months. Here, the qualification of new suppliers and products is the essential component.
Additional potentials, usually associated with longer validation times, e.g. via design changes, alternative materials or downsizing etc., are part of the final optimisation stage.

Achieve the greatest possible and most sustainable effects

Sustainability assurance

As part of the sustainability phase, we support purchasing departments in a variety of ways, for example by strategically managing entire product groups, providing further support in strategic negotiations or acting as interim managers in your purchasing organisation. The primary goal is to maintain or increase the optimised cost level in the long-term.

From experience, we achieve the greatest possible and most sustainable effects, regardless of the project phase, by way of ideal and complementary interaction between client purchasing and TMG consultants. In addition to greater negotiating successes when acting together and more efficient project implementation when working closely, it is, above all, the mutual transfer of methods and know-how that leads to greater sustainability..

We are also happy to work with your purchasing department to reduce costs, thereby increasing your company’s competitiveness and sustainably enhancing its corporate value.

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Additional services

Purchasing organisation development

Our consultants strengthen, develop, optimize and transform your procurement with individual measures in the fields of strategy, organization, processes, resources and performance that are adapted to the existing maturity level.

Sustainable purchasing

We accompany purchasing on the path to sustainability. From the assessment of the current situation to the definition of goals and joint implementation. Our experience from many customer projects helps to identify risks, define measures, meet legal requirements and select suitable partners and tools for you.

Digitalisation in purchasing

TMG’s purchasing and digitalisation experts help you to exploit the possibilities of automation and digitalisation in purchasing as well.

Portfolio/supplier management

Our experienced purchasing experts work with you to develop solutions to make your supply chain more resilient, better manage or eliminate risks and develop long-term commodity group/supplier strategies.

Purchasing potential analysis

We recommend an upstream potential analysis to identify existing optimisation potential and, in particular, derive an implementation concept specifically tailored to your company.

AI-based supplier search

Create competitive advantages, minimise risks, compensate for resource bottlenecks, become more sustainable, work more strategically.


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