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Purchasing potential analysis

Identifying optimisation potentials in purchasing and deriving a customised implementation concept

Although companies, sectors, markets or countries often face the same challenges and purchasing departments pursue similar or identical goals, it is essential to look at each individual company or purchasing organisation with all its framework conditions and environmental influences to not only identify realisable optimisation potential, but also substantiate it by way of specific measures and subsequently implement them efficiently and effectively.

In our analyses of potential, we therefore start at all times by recording the current situation and the maturity level of purchasing, in conjunction with all influencing company specifics such as, for example:

  • Underlying conditions
  • Customer requirements
  • Requirements/guidelines of the specialist departments
  • Company goals
  • Market and competition

The wealth of experience we have gained via numerous customer projects and our team’s experience in consulting and management is then incorporated with best-practice methodologies to derive realistic optimisation potential and an implementation concept with specific measures that is tailored to your company.

TMG 9 Service – Procurement 9 Purchasing potential analysis

Step 1:

Data analysis (spend cube analysis)

The data analysis enables an insight based on figures, data and facts and deriving initial, potential optimisation approaches. The essential contents are:

  • Preparation and analysis of goods group, supplier and article data.
  • Analysis of delivery and payment terms
  • Analysis of ordering and sourcing behaviour
  • Review of contracts with suppliers and service providers
  • Consideration of standards, specifications etc.
  • Analysis of process documents, guidelines in purchasing etc.

Step 2:

Portfolio analysis

The portfolio analysis is the core element of the second level of our analyses. As part of workshops with Purchasing (and, if required, specialist departments), backgrounds, restrictions and degrees of freedom in relation to the purchasing portfolio are recorded in, particular:

  • Exchange on top and key suppliers
  • Recording of restrictions and degrees of freedom for suppliers, commodity groups, etc.
  • History with suppliers, company specifics in various dimensions
  • Discussion and deriving opportunities and risks, as well as potential optimisation levers

Once the portfolio analysis has been completed, we have gained a very good picture of your ACTUAL situation and can classify the purchasing maturity level.

Step 3:

Potential definition

Further activities are conducted, in various forms, to derive potential, such as:

  • Detailed discussions or workshops with purchasing, technology, sales etc.
  • Benchmarking with other customers or in the marketplace
  • Detailed analyses such as cost-break-downs
  • Market analyses and supplier sourcing

We look at the insights gained from our TMG perspective and, in particular, incorporate experience from many comparable projects. This is how we finally arrive at the implementation concept in the final step.

Step 4:

Conceptual design

Upon completion of the joint potential analysis, you will receive an implementation concept from us that is individually tailored to your company:

  • Potential assessment at product group level
  • Assessment of short, medium and long-term realisable potentials
  • Specifying suitable optimisation levers for each product group / supplier
  • Definition of measures/initiatives
  • Expenditure estimation and resource planning
  • Offer for implementation with/by TMG

Identification of potential using two analysis models

Analysis models

We offer two analysis models for identifying potential. On the one hand, the Quick Check, which saves resources and can be conducted quickly, and on the other, a 360° analysis, which is characterised, in particular, by more detailed analyses.

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Additional services

Purchasing cost reduction

Based on an initial analysis (quick check or comprehensive 360° analysis), we work with your purchasing department to implement the measures. We reduce your costs holistically and sustainably, at all times using the optimisation levers appropriate to your company and your situation and within the framework of an individually tailored concept.

Purchasing organisation development

Our consultants strengthen, develop, optimize and transform your procurement with individual measures in the fields of strategy, organization, processes, resources and performance that are adapted to the existing maturity level.

Sustainable purchasing

We accompany purchasing on the path to sustainability. From the assessment of the current situation to the definition of goals and joint implementation. Our experience from many customer projects helps to identify risks, define measures, meet legal requirements and select suitable partners and tools for you.

Digitalisation in purchasing

TMG’s purchasing and digitalisation experts help you to exploit the possibilities of automation and digitalisation in purchasing as well.

Portfolio/supplier management

Our experienced purchasing experts work with you to develop solutions to make your supply chain more resilient, better manage or eliminate risks and develop long-term commodity group/supplier strategies.

AI-based supplier search

Create competitive advantages, minimise risks, compensate for resource bottlenecks, become more sustainable, work more strategically.


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