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Sustainable purchasing

Purchasing must meet increasing legal requirements and the growing importance of environmental aspects.
TMG 9 Service – Procurement 9 Sustainable purchasing
Sustainability aspects in the supply chain

Sustainability road map

  • Where does procurement currently stand in the area of sustainability aspects under ESG criteria?
  • What needs to be done to meet requirements and make up for deficits?
  • Where do we stand compared with similar companies?
  • What is expected from customers, markets, society and politics in the future?
  • What does the sustainability target for my purchasing department look like?
We answer these and other questions with you in the context of a joint assessment of the current situation and the development of a sustainability road map.

We analyse documents, data and information, make comparisons and discuss various aspects in workshops and interviews. In conjunction with Purchasing, we develop the strategy and the path to a sustainable supply chain.


We know how to deal with laws

Implementation of legal requirements

The German Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act (LkSG) is currently the best-known example of how ESG aspects (which, admittedly, cover a very broad field) are also becoming more and more important in legislation. A European version is certain to follow soon, and similar legislation around ESG and sustainability is strongly anticipated.
It is often the uncertainty due to a lack of experience that presents our clients with challenges in the implementation of legal requirements. We are happy to assist you with this implementation and, if necessary, draw on experts from our network. We use our experience, which we have gained with many clients, for example in the review of documents and agreements, as well as in the selection of partners, service providers or software/tools.

Using the LkSG as an example, we support you in the interpretation, introduce best practices, review your documents, implement risk management in line with requirements, help you select a suitable partner for supplier screening and are at your side as a sparring partner right up to the final action.

in the field of sustainability

Risk management

The identification, analysis and management of risks are generally important and essential topics for purchasing. Sustainability aspects are also becoming increasingly important in risk management, not only because laws such as the LkSG are particularly geared towards this. Our experts sharpen the focus on sustainability aspects in risk management and help you:
  • Identify sustainability risks along the supply chain
  • Analyse and evaluate risks from a sustainability perspective
  • Derive preventive measures
  • Manage risk suppliers


We aim to ensure that sustainability aspects (appropriate to your company, procurement market and industry) are continuously integrated in your purchasing risk management.

Optimize your CO2 footprint

CO2 optimisation of the supply chain

From a purchasing perspective, the topic of the CO2 footprint and its optimisation is a very important one, partly because it is “On everyone’s lips” and partly because it is very measurable compared to many other sustainability aspects. It is to be expected that CO2 emissions will be another fixed criterion for supplier evaluation in the future and that it will be given a similar importance as price.
With the help of our AI tool 7Q1, we are able to determine and make transparent the CO2 footprint of your supply chain in a short time and very efficiently. At the same time, you have the possibility to take the footprint into account for all future supplier/procurement market decisions.

Our consultants identify optimisation potentials in your supply chain and evaluate the opportunity costs of these upon request.

Along the supply chain

Implementing sustainability measures with suppliers

The challenge of the topic of sustainability for purchasing is that the main effects and measures need to be implemented outside of your own organisation. In the so-called Scope 3, along the supply chain. This requires an enormous amount of resources, as – depending on the power position in dealings with suppliers – an optimisation is rarely achieved from a pure specification and accordingly takes place via discussions with the partners / suppliers.

In addition to having the time to conduct these discussions with your suppliers, our consultants bring many years of extensive experience in supplier management to the table and are skilled at doing so:

  • Defining the right actions and targets with suppliers
  • Tracking progress, intervening in time and ensuring that targets are met
  • Compiling and reporting results

We are happy to support you in the necessary implementation of sustainability measures with your suppliers.


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Additional services

Purchasing cost reduction

Based on an initial analysis (quick check or comprehensive 360° analysis), we work with your purchasing department to implement the measures. We reduce your costs holistically and sustainably, at all times using the optimisation levers appropriate to your company and your situation and within the framework of an individually tailored concept.

Purchasing organisation development

Our consultants strengthen, develop, optimize and transform your procurement with individual measures in the fields of strategy, organization, processes, resources and performance that are adapted to the existing maturity level.

Digitalisation in purchasing

TMG’s purchasing and digitalisation experts help you to exploit the possibilities of automation and digitalisation in purchasing as well.

Portfolio/supplier management

Our experienced purchasing experts work with you to develop solutions to make your supply chain more resilient, better manage or eliminate risks and develop long-term commodity group/supplier strategies.

Purchasing potential analysis

We recommend an upstream potential analysis to identify existing optimisation potential and, in particular, derive an implementation concept specifically tailored to your company.

AI-based supplier search

Create competitive advantages, minimise risks, compensate for resource bottlenecks, become more sustainable, work more strategically.


We Look Forward to Discussing Matters with You!

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