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Purchasing organisation development

In the development and strengthening of purchasing organisations, five fields of action are crucial for us in the realisation of qualitative optimisation potentials and transformation of purchasing. Here, we look at and compare each purchasing organisation with similar companies and with the respective benchmark from our point of view. The combination of our consultants’ own purchasing know-how, expertise gained from many consulting projects, and TMG’s extensive experience in the field of organisational development make us the ideal sparring partner.

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Building on the maturity level of your purchasing, which we are happy to ascertain together as part of a site assessment, we focus on the following purchasing areas:

Human factor important for success


The human factor is still the most important one in purchasing today, and it is the one that decisively determines success. Therefore, we have a special focus on the area of resources in purchasing, with the overriding goal of creating a strong organisation:

  • Are these sufficiently available?
  • Are typical roles defined and does everyone fit into their intended role?
  • Are competence development plans and concrete measures in place for this?
  • Is purchasing incentivised in any way?
  • Is purchasing in your company also attractive and interesting for talents?





Strategies for your purchasing


Derived from the overall corporate strategy, TMG Consultants supports you in the development of all purchasing-relevant strategies:

  • Purchasing strategy with target picture and roadmap where your purchasing department should be in 3-5 years and what is expected and needs to be achieved by the purchasing department to reach the company’s goals.
  • Product group strategies: Development of short, medium and long-term strategies at product group level. All relevant aspects, such as expected developments in procurement and sales markets, existing risks, corporate goals and developments etc. are taken into account. A transparent presentation of the current situation, as well as targets and measures, are summarised in clear profiles for each commodity group.
  • Supplier strategies derived from the product group strategy (e.g. for top suppliers, bottleneck suppliers, high-potential suppliers and problematic products) look at the whole in more detail in relation to an individual partner.

Forms of organization for your purchasing


As part of our projects, we look at which organisational forms are suitable for your purchasing department, taking into account our experience with comparable clients. In that respect, we look at lead buyer concepts, project purchasing and the organisational structure and process organisation, among other things, and develop tailored concepts with you and implement them for you.

Typical questions and areas of consideration of our consulting services are, for example:

  • How is purchasing integrated in the overall organisation? Is it involved at an early stage, early on in development projects, and responsible for activities relevant to purchasing?
  • Is purchasing sufficiently positioned in the company and to what extent and with which measures can the position of purchasing be improved?
  • – Are strategic and operational activities separated and is there enough time for strategic tasks?

Relevant key figures in purchasing


The main objective of our consulting services is the creation or optimisation of performance measurement and control of purchasing based on key performance indicators. Our consultants support you in selecting and defining relevant KPIs in purchasing,

determining the necessary data sources, evaluating the KPIs and, if desired, comparing them with other companies and integrating them in the planning and management rhythm.
Furthermore, we will set up a suitable KPI cockpit for you and, if desired, also advise you in the field of suitable BI solutions and the selection of the appropriate provider.

Define, train and implement core purchasing processes


Once we have gained an understanding of your current process landscape, we support you in defining, training and implementing selected core purchasing processes. These include, for example,

  • The sourcing process of new suppliers
  • Supplier qualification and integration process
  • The process of preparing and conducting negotiations
  • Process of strategic supplier management
  • Process of risk management in purchasing

Company-specific templates are added as part of the implementation, the processes in purchasing are trained and practised in practice using pilot projects.

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Additional services

Purchasing cost reduction

Based on an initial analysis (quick check or comprehensive 360° analysis), we work with your purchasing department to implement the measures. We reduce your costs holistically and sustainably, at all times using the optimisation levers appropriate to your company and your situation and within the framework of an individually tailored concept.

Sustainable purchasing

We accompany purchasing on the path to sustainability. From the assessment of the current situation to the definition of goals and joint implementation. Our experience from many customer projects helps to identify risks, define measures, meet legal requirements and select suitable partners and tools for you.

Digitalisation in purchasing

TMG’s purchasing and digitalisation experts help you to exploit the possibilities of automation and digitalisation in purchasing as well.

Portfolio/supplier management

Our experienced purchasing experts work with you to develop solutions to make your supply chain more resilient, better manage or eliminate risks and develop long-term commodity group/supplier strategies.

Purchasing potential analysis

We recommend an upstream potential analysis to identify existing optimisation potential and, in particular, derive an implementation concept specifically tailored to your company.

AI-based supplier search

Create competitive advantages, minimise risks, compensate for resource bottlenecks, become more sustainable, work more strategically.


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